Lovesong by Abi Morgan (Play)

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  • Location The Little Theatre, Dover St, Leicester, LE1 6PW

The Little Theatre, a non-profit organisation owned and operated by Leicester Drama Society Ltd., presents a repertoire of plays of all genres. Throughout the year, the theatre will be presenting several performances for people with sight loss.

When booking, people with sight loss can request a CD that features director’s notes, any appropriate articles from the programme, and descriptions of the set, cast, characters and costumes. The CD will be sent out a week before the performance. 

At 1pm, people with sight loss can have a touch tour of the set, and meet some of the cast so that their voices are introduced. During the performance, there is a live audio description relayed via headsets.


Award-winning playwright Abi Morgan’s Lovesong is the poignant story of a couple uniquely told from different points in their lives: as young lovers in their 20s just starting out and as worldly companions looking back on their relationship. Their past and present collide hauntingly and beautifully in this deeply moving story of togetherness: for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. The hope of youth becomes the wisdom of age and love is a leap of faith.

Tickets: £14.50 (Concessions: £13.00)

To purchase get in touch with the Box Office on 0116 255 1302 or email

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