A picture of Macee-Mae being held by her mother.

Vista’s family support service provides advice, guidance and emotional support to children and their families in local hospitals, and continued support at home, at school and in their community.

Macee-Mae was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Microcephalus and Cataracts at just six weeks old. After the medical consultation, Paula, Vista’s Family Support Officer, met Macee-Mae and her mother, Megan, to provide much-needed support.

Paula said “I spent a long time with Megan, talking through how Vista could help. This was a very distressing time for her, as she was feeling the shock of her daughter’s diagnosis, whilst having lots of questions about the future.”

Following a discussion with the family, a Rehabilitation Officer adapted their home to suit Macee-Mae’s needs. In addition, Vista worked with vision support teachers to ensure that she received educational support from an early age, and also put plans in place to support her throughout nursery and pre-school.

Three years on, Megan and Macee-Mae are still in close contact with Vista. This support has made a highly positive impact, and the family feel more optimistic than ever about the future.

Megan said “The early days were hard, but we are all amazed by the progress Macee-Mae has made, and I’m proud to show off my beautiful daughter.”

She added “Paula is an absolutely amazing lady, she’s always willing to help. If we ever need her, she’s just a phone call away, and that has made such a difference.”

To find out more, visit our family support service page.