A date for your diaries: National Eye Health Week

Published on 11th September 2019

Nation Eye Health Week is coming up fast! We want to reinforce is about the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all. We want people to know how important it is to look after their eyes and the need to have them checked regularly.

From the Monday the 23rd to Friday the 27th, Vista will be out by the Clock Tower, Leicester City Centre, with our fully equipped Mobile Support Service.  We shall be screening people’s eyes for free, looking for any early signs of possible eye conditions, as well as letting people have a chance to use our simulation goggles to experience how different sight loss conditions limit eye sight. 

National Eye Health Week is an annual, week long event designed to make the British public aware of their own eye health. The theme of this years festival is to promote the need of sight tests for all, and there are 40 events occurring all over the country, all designed to educate people about their eyes and how to look after them.  

Vista shall be talking about National Eye Health week almost non-stop, and not just at the Clock Tower. Makes sure to keep an ear out to BBC Radio Leicester as we may be on, talking about Eye Health week, the work we do, and the people that we help in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland. 

Across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we will be updating you on how we are doing and what events are going on so make sure you’re following. 

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