How to find us

An exterior shot of a white building. 3rd Floor, Provincial House, 37 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 6TE.

Access to our new Vista Head Office - Provincial House, 37 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 6TE.

You may have previously visited us at 16 New Walk, our new office is a little further up New Walk towards, but before, the museum. The building is on the right side, if you approach from the city centre. It is white with "Provincial House" in large silver lettering over the door. 

The building is set back off the main path slightly and has double black gates and a low brick and metal wall across the width of it. 

To the left of the front door, you will find an intercom system specifically for Vista, press the button and one of our staff will speak with you shortly. There is also a digital intercom on the right of the front door, where all businesses in the building, including ourselves, can be found. The doors will release if entry is permitted, but they are not automatic doors so you do have to pull.

There is one disabled parking space to the rear of the building, via Princess Road Backways, but use of this space cannot be guaranteed and pre-booking is not available.

We unfortunately have no parking spaces available to offer, the closest and most reasonably priced car park would be Dover Street, Leicester, LE1 6PW. 

There is a small amount of on street parking at the rear of the building, but this has a 3 hour maximum stay. The closest on street parking for longer time is on the other side of the museum. 

If you are being dropped off at the office, please direct your driver to "Princess Road Backways, LE1 6TT" where you will be dropped at the back of the building. There are several stairs leading up to the entry door at the rear, as opposed to the stair-less entry on New Walk. The intercom at the back of the building has all businesses listed alphabetically, so we'll be somewhere near the end of the list.