National Eye Health Week: A Huge Thank You

Published on 27th September 2019 in General

National Eye Health Week 2019 has come and now sadly gone, but Vista can declare the week of awareness a massive success. 

We have had our information bus stationed and stand in Highcross this week and have given free eye screenings to well over 100 people. Some of those people we have been speaking to had not been paying any attention to their eye health, neglecting to have any sort of eye test for as long as they could remember in one case. The very fact we have been able to inform as many people that we have about the need for regular eye tests and the dangers that different eye conditions can cause is testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff and volunteers this week. 

The vmss parked up by the clock tower
From giving out leaflets, free eye screenings, through to interactive apps and VR headsets, Vista has used every method possible to engage with as many members of the public as we can, even using the power of balloons to get people wanting to talk to us. 

And even the rain couldn't stop us! As is customary with Britain, the weather was all set to be lovely, but as the week got closer the forecasts got greyer and greyer until we came to the week itself. 3 days of near torrential rain looked certain to temper our successful week - but we refused to be cowed and our volunteers and staff on the bus donned their coats and carried on regardless. 

Ray with an umbrella in the rain, smiling
We must of course thank everyone who has helped us with this week. 

Ryan from Oxsight gave us two days of his time, talking to people about their vision and helping them understand more about conditions that can lead to tunnel vision too. He was more than happy to get his own eyes screened, talk to the public and promote Vista's services. 

And of course, Irwin Mitchell. Our perennial supporter, they supplied not only freebies and goodies to hand out, the anti-bacterial hand gel, pens, notebooks, and amazing bamboo resealable coffee cups, but also printed off lots of information leaflets for us. And to top it all off the had members of staff volunteer to travel down to Leicester and give their time to help us this week; talking to members of the public, and having their own eyes screened. 

Two women in wheelchairs holding Vista buckets

Last, but by no means least; the Vista family who helped us this week. Everyone, from our volunteers, to the marketing and fundraising teams, the community services staff, and the staff and residents of our homes, everyone has worked exceedingly hard this week and helped us to make this one of our best events ever. 

Now, let's see what's in store National Eye Health Week 2020! 

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