Vista member challenges BBC Radio Leicester DJ to the Sunrise City 5K

Published on 21st March 2019

Vista forum member Pardy Gill surprised BBC Radio Leicester DJ, Jimmy Carpenter, during his afternoon show on Wednesday, 20th March. After arranging the call in secret with Jimmy's producer, Pardy surprised the host and after talking about golfing with Anders Mankert he revealed his true purpose. 

Pardy challenged Jimmy to complete the Sunrise City 5K, a 5K route through Leicester City Centre at 05:30am, on the 10th of May. Although Jimmy was excited and even offered to act as a guide to Pardy, he did admit he thought he may well slow him down. 

Jimmy is looking forward to completing the course and called out to Leicester for as many people as possible to join him. You can hear the full interview below, courtesy of BBC Radio Leicester. 

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