Animal show at New Wycliffe Home

Published on 26th January 2017 in Residential

A picture of a resident holding an owl on his hand.

New Wycliffe Home held an animal party on Wednesday 25 January, offering an afternoon of excitement and enjoyment for residents, friends and family members.

Provided by Animals for Parties, the range of small animals included rabbits, puppies, hairless guinea pigs, tortoises, lizards and even an owl.

The residents learned interesting facts about each animal as they were shown around, as well as being taught how to carefully handle them. Afterwards, friends and family including children came along to the party, so that residents could enjoy watching their loved ones meet the animals.

Julie Rudd, Manager at New Wycliffe Home, said “Animal parties at the home are very successful – not only is it an exciting and fun event, but it is also a sensory activity for people with sight loss. They can really get involved, feeling the sensations of fluffy rabbits and scaly lizards!”

“It’s something a bit different – we believe that vision isn’t a barrier, so we like to think outside the box to provide great experiences for our residents, their friends and families.”

To see more photos of the event, view our Facebook album.

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