British Muslim Covid-19 Fund donation helps support Vista

Published on 29th June 2020 in General

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Vista has been awarded £2,500 by the British Muslim Covid -19 fund which will help us to continue to deliver our crucial services during COVID-19.

The British Muslim Covid-19 fund is comprised of a number of British Muslim Charities who have been helping to support vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic.

British Muslim Covid-19 fund said 

"We, at the British Muslim Covid-19 Fund, are delighted to donate to Vista. The work that you do in normal times is vital for those living with visual impairment. You not only, provide tangible support and assistance but what we most admire, is the work you do with young people and especially dealing with the issue of loneliness that many visually impaired people go through.

With lock down, we feel, those that are socially isolated and visually challenged must be going through considerably more difficulty.

At British Muslim Covid-19 Fund, we are looking to assist those that are helping people struggling due to the pandemic. The work, that you do at Vista, ensures those that are already disadvantaged do not suffer further loneliness and hardship."

Although the Vista offices and retail shops remain closed, like everyone, Vista has adapted to alternative ways of working to ensure their services and support they provide remains stable.

Amanda McFarlane, Fundraiser at Vista said “a special thanks to British Muslim Covid-19 fund for donating £2,500 to us. During this pandemic, the need to support the people we do has not just gone away and this donation will allow us to continue to make a difference to people living with sight loss, especially in these difficult times.”

If you'd like to support us, you can visit our donation page or call us on 0116 249 8801.

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