How we're helping people affected by sight loss during Covid-19

Published on 16th November 2020 in General

Our Community Services team have been busy helping people affected by sight loss in the local community. We've put together some examples of the work we have been carrying out during the pandemic, take a look at them below.

Rehabilitation Services

A gentleman wanted a low vision aid for reading his bible and hymn books both at home and at church. Our team tried many low vision aids but reverted to the magnification he had before but produced an updated one.

He had difficulty with using it while holding the books and lighting. The team demonstrated a portable lamp, and this really helped. However, it would not be helpful in the church as he couldn’t hold it all. The team at Vista also discussed a spectacle mounted low vision aid and electronic low vision aid as another option.

He was delighted with the low vision aid which he bought as he was able to read his bible with the light. He was very happy with the outcome of the visit.

Our Rehab team also helped someone who had not known about Vista until she had a mini-stroke earlier in the year.

A lady wanted a low vision aid. The team demonstrated how to use the low vision aid but also showed her a portable lamp. She was amazed at how much the lamp helped her to see and she could read N8 print without a magnifier and just the light.

The team at Vista discussed changing light bulbs in the cottage to improve the overall lighting and she was pleased that we sent her a portable light. She also purchased a low vision aid as she wanted it for other stuff and it just made the print large enough to not have eye strain.

In addition, the team also practised scanning for reading and scanning when crossing roads and she was delighted with the result.


One lady we visited is 40 and has learning difficulties and lives with her mum. She used to go to college and get the bus independently. In her late teens, her sight got worse and she stopped going out on her own. She hadn’t been out alone for about 20 years until recently when she learnt to get to a local shop/newsagent using her long cane with help from our Rehabilitation team. With further support, she has been able to independently complete another route to her local Co-op.

Our Rehabilitation team can also provide eccentric viewing training. 

Another lady wanted a low vision assessment and although she had a good quality Closed Circuit Television magnifier, but she wanted something more portable.

Despite best efforts a stronger magnifier was not found to be of use, but the team provided eccentric viewing training and taught her a steady eye technique which meant that she could read with existing low vision aids. She was thrilled that she could use this technique to see people and the TV.

From this assessment she found that she had some useful peripheral vision, and she is now practising this to get better at the technique.

If you need support from Vista this winter, please contact us on 0116 249 8839.

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