Mayor of Leicester taken on Blindfolded Walk through Leicester

Published on 24th January 2019

Earlier today we were privileged to take the City Mayor of Leicester on a Blindfolded Walk through the Leicester City Centre. This was an opportunity for the Mayor to experience the positive changes made and some difficulties people with sight loss experience when negotiating the City Centre and shared spaces.

Leicester has undergone a number of changes to it’s City Centre in recent months, and although most of these changes have been for the better, removing traffic from certain areas and rerouting a bulk of car traffic away from largely retail spaces, there have been controlled crossings taken away from other routes that pose risks for people with a sight loss or other disabilities when crossing the road.

The City Mayor was joined by members of Vista’s community services team and Pardy Gill, chair of the Vista Forum who has sight loss himself, who regularly walks through Leicester City Centre.

After the walk was completed there was a short discussion with the Lord Mayor, who thanked Vista and spoke about how helpful it was to go on the walk blindfolded.

To listen to the full interview tune in BBC Radio Leicester this afternoon at 4pm. 

The Mayor with 3 vista representatives walking blindfolded with cane down Belvoir street

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