Vista launch Crowdfunding Campaign for Primary Eye Health

Published on 10th January 2019 in Fundraising

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Vista has launched a crowdfunding campaign with SpaceHive, looking to raise donations for our Primary School Project, teaching early-years students about their eye-health.

Research shows that nearly 20% of early-years children have not had an eye test, with 10% having undiagnosed sight issues. We already work in schools and nurseries to coach teachers how to spot any early warning signs but want to do more to educate children about their own eye-health.

 In order to deliver 15 drama workshops and eye screenings in primary schools in Leicestershire, Vista needs to raise £12,500. This will teach children about sight loss and the importance of looking after their eyes.  We have launched a fundraising campaign with Spacehive, a crowdfunding website, where Vista supporters and members of the public can donate as little or as much as they like.

The campaign only runs until the Monday 8th April, 2019, so please encourage family and friends to get involved. Once we achieve 10% of our target, additional funding could be available from local funding trusts.

 If we do not reach the goal, then the money will not leave you bank account.

 You can donate here:  

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