Vista mobile support service eye-screening leads to diabetes diagnosis

Published on 15th May 2019 in General

On 28th April Vista was parked at the BAPS temple to offer free advice and eye screenings. Early on in the day, Mr. Lad walked past the van and was approached by Vista mobile support service worked Vanisha, who invited them to hop onto the bus and have a free, 10 minute eye screening, asking how long it had been since he last had an eye test. Mr. Lad was interested but busy and vowed to return later on in the day, slightly scared of what the results could be. 

When he returned later on that afternoon, Mr. Lad sat down and went through the full eye-screening process. The screening showed Mr. Lad having blurred vision in both his eyes. Vanisha was very assuring but was advised he got his eyes checked by opticians. 

After a scheduled visit to a professional optician who, after a full test, advised him to go doctors to get a blood test done. The blood test results came back from the medical professionals and he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and has been given medical advice on how to move forward. Both the doctors and opticians have explained diabetes are reasons for blurred vision and the connection between diabetes and eyes.   

In a letter sent to Vista head office, Mr Lad said "If it was not for this young lady approaching me for the free eye screening, I would not have known I have diabetes."

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