Vista’s Deafblind team hard at work

Published on 15th May 2020 in General

The current situation we’re in is a difficult time for everybody but imagine if you couldn’t see or hear, how hard would that be?

Our Deafblind team are still out in the community helping the people we support, with all the best protection for the person and themselves, ensuring everyone’s safety as much as we can. We offer intensive, short term support for people with a dual sensory loss, focusing on specialist communication techniques.

During Covid-19 our team are supporting people by shopping for them, attending medical appointments with them, which is more difficult during this lockdown period, where only vital appointments are taking place. As a team it is our job to ensure people who have underlying health conditions not only attend their appointments but have a member of the team to support them and make sure they fully understand everything that is said to them by the doctor or nurse, especially during these uncertain times.  

People with both a sight and hearing loss will also need guiding and experience balance issues so tackling the supermarkets with the current 2m distancing proves even more challenging. Below is Amy from our Deafblind team taking someone we support to their GP appointment.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the support we can provide please call us on 0116 249 8839.

Photo of Amy from Vista's deafblind team with the person she is supporting
Photo of Amy from Vista's deafblind team with the person she is supporting

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