Max and his Trike

Max is 4 years old and was registered with Vista at the age of 1, as sight impaired.

We have been in touch with the family since Max’s sight loss was first diagnosed and have continued to support them through Our Family Support and Children’s Team who have been with Max and his family from the very beginning, providing information at the eye clinic right through to interacting with them in our music therapy and activity sessions.

It was important to Max’s mum Steph that both Max and his brother Leo (who does not have sight loss) were able to play and have fun together. 

Steph went on to explain “Because of Max's complex needs it’s so hard to find activities that Max can be included in”

At Vista we are dedicated to supporting adults and children affected by sight loss and we desperately wanted to help Max so he would be able to take part in family life and activities just like any other 4 year old.

Steph told us that she had identified a trike that would be ideal for Max but it needed adaptation so he could use it effectively. The cost of the trike was approximately £1000 and our Bursary Scheme was able to fund half of the cost.

Steph took delivery of the trike at the end of February and Max is already benefitting from it, I asked Steph to tell me so far what impact Max having the trike has had, she said “He gets fresh air and he's exercising at the same time while having fun. Max loves being outside and really enjoys riding around on his trike.”

Steph added, “When he's riding his trike, he's like any other little boy, just out riding his bike. For me as his mum it's massively important that he gets to enjoy things that every other child does.

We're so grateful to Vista for helping us to fund Max's trike, it's opened up a whole new world for him.”