A picture of Joan sat down.

Vista runs regular social groups for local people with sight loss. The groups choose to take part in various activities, such as crafts, quizzes, keeping fit or trips out in their community. 

Joan was diagnosed with Age-related Macular Degeneration and Cataracts, and her sight has deteriorated in the last five years. Her loss of central vision means that she finds it hard to recognise faces, read, or perform other activities of daily life.

She said “Being partially sighted, I have to mainly rely on my hearing. I used to be able to sew, write letters, watch television. I used to go out shopping on my own, but now I need someone there – being reliant on my family has meant losing some of my independence.”

Last year, Joan was informed about the social groups by one of Vista’s Rehabilitation Officers, and she has attended regularly since.

Joan said “The social groups are thoroughly enjoyable – the exercises are beneficial for my health, and the activities are great. I’ve made friends here, and I often go home and think about what we got up to!"

She added “The group is a support network – everyone is in a similar position, and it has honestly made me count my blessings. It makes me think that if others can maintain their independence despite their sight loss, then I can too.”

To find out more, visit our social groups page.