Skydive 2023

  • Date
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  • Location Skydive Langar, Langar Airfield, Harby Rd, Langar, Nottingham, NG13 9HY
Two people skydiving, they are both smiling and have their arms out to their side. One person is wearing a t-shirt which says 'Vista'.

Experience the incredible sport of skydiving! Following a short pre-jump briefing, you will enjoy the adrenaline rush of freefall and the thrill of the flight under parachute, all while securely attached to a highly experienced and qualified instructor.

After exiting the aircraft you will freefall for 45 to 50 seconds, reaching speeds of over 120 mph, until your instructor deploys your parachute. The descent under the parachute will take several minutes, during which time you can enjoy the amazing views of the Nottinghamshire countryside.

Please note that for tandem skydives there is a maximum (fully clothed) of 210 pounds (15 stone, 95kg) for those over 5ft4in (163cm), or 182 pounds (13 stone, 82.6kg) for those 5ft4in or less. This limit is in place for your own safety and that of the instructors.

Capture this amazing adventure with an optional video and photo package (cost not included), which you can choose to add on the day of your Tandem Skydive subject to availability (but book in advance to avoid disappointment!).

Registration fee: £60 

Min fundraising target: £460 (including the cost of the skydive, excluding the registration fee).

Or, you can fundraise £230 for Vista and pay the £230 for you to ‘jump’ on the day (excludes the registration fee).

A selection of dates are available to choose from.

More details about this amazing adventure can be found here.

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