Transcription services

A picture of a man using the computer at Vista's studio.

Vista’s specialist transcription service can convert all types of print information into accessible formats.

Our comprehensive range of services, including audio format, modified large print and Braille, are available to purchase as a one-off piece of work or as part of an ongoing service. 

Make it clear

With over two million people in the UK living with significant sight loss, there is a growing need for businesses to provide fully transcribed and accessible materials to visually impaired customers. Since the introduction of the Equality Act in 2010, employers and providers of services are legally obliged to make their services accessible to all, including people with sight loss.

Download our Make it Clear document to learn more about how to make your documents accessible for people with sight loss. If you are unable to access this document and would like it in an alternative format, please contact the marketing team at

For information about the British Wireless for the Blind and RNIB Talking Books, please get in touch with us on 0116 248 8839.