Deaf and Deafblind Reablement

A man standing by a statue with a guide dog.
"I went to the National Memorial Arboretum with my Communicator Guide support... I am really looking forward to doing many more outings, after such a depressing lockdown. Thank you so so much, you really did your job perfectly. No idea what the next outing will be, but writing a bucket list which could get rather full!”

Coming to terms with sight and hearing problems can be tough, and dealing with the emotional and practical adjustments can be overwhelming.

We offer an intensive, short-term support service for people with a dual sensory impairment and those with hearing loss, focusing on specialist communication techniques.

Our supportive, highly trained staff will work with you to create a support plan that is specially tailored to your needs. This may include mobility and communication skills to help you stay as active and independent as possible within your community.

We are also able to provide specialist communication skills training for your relatives and carers, to help them communicate with you. This service aims to teach mobility and communication skills, so that people with dual sensory loss can remain as independent as possible. 

Community support service

If the person's needs cannot be met with the Deafblind Reablement Service, we will send a referral for a Community Care Assessment to the Local Authority. The person will receive a joint review which sets out a self-assessment plan for ongoing services, which Vista can provide through its variety of Community Support services.

Our Community Support service can help you do the things you want to do, working with you to deliver an ongoing programme of support that is tailored to your needs and wishes.

This could include supporting you to join groups that you are interested in, or coming to doctor's appointments with you, so that you don't miss your turn and can understand the doctor.

We offer support to people with hearing loss and our highly trained support workers can communicate using British Sign Language, Deafblind Manual, clear speech, lip reading or pictorial and symbol systems and provide expert guidance when you are travelling out and about. The service can be delivered as part of your support plan and purchased through personal budgets, direct payments or self-funding.

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My Communicator Guides are all brilliant they have helped me a lot, Communicator Guides great at helping in the community they are patient and caring.

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Having the support of someone who understands dual sensory loss has given me the confidence to access my community.

Lynda, who became blind by the age of thirty-five, has been supported by Vista for over thirty years.

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