Meet online

Join us in a new programme of monthly gatherings offering a chance to connect with others on a sight loss journey.

Held simultaneously online and in-person, each session promises a time to immerse yourself in an activity like cooking, crafts, gardening, and music, all while fostering a sense of community and connection.

The online sessions are hosted by one of our team who will make introductions, and make everyone welcome, whether you know others already or not. 

The sessions take place on Zoom, a platform to virtually meet others by video. Once you have signed up to a session you’ll be sent an email with a link. You don’t need a Zoom account, you can just click the link on the day and it will open in your browser. If you don’t have the equipment to join, we are able to loan devices. Please email to enquire.

For information on joining in person at Vista in Leicester instead, visit our Community Room Meets page.

To discover what’s on visit our Events page or get in touch with Vanisha on 07715078811. 

These events are part of the SocialEyes programme and are to run thanks to funding from The Masonic Charitable Foundation and Yorkshire Building Society.